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Sleep Pod for you
Everyone knows that getting a good night’s sleep makes you feel refreshed, more positive and ready to take on the day. However, it’s not always easy to get enough good quality sleep. Prolonged lack of sleep can also affect your overall health. 

You'll love The Sleep Pod if...
You are sick of feeling constantly tired or ‘jaded’ 
You want to quickly regain your sparkle and vitality
You want to wake up feeling ready to go full of confidence
You struggle to get to sleep at night after a long day
Think back to being young. I bet you didn’t drag yourself out of bed and struggle through the day. Children bounce out of bed full of energy & enthusiasm - they don't question they'll have lots of fun and great possibilities each day.

As we get older, somewhere that view gets tarnished or forgotten. You REALLY CAN regain that youthful buzz and enjoy limitless energy and enthusiasm again. 

That’s where The Sleep Pod can help you. 
What do you get in The Sleep Pod?
1. A prescribed sleep or relaxation tip, every month, to improve your sleep, your sense of calm and your productivity.
2. Sharing of sleep & relaxation tips/articles/apps/books & anything useful or interesting in the media via posts and videos
3. Relevant worksheets or extra techniques
4. Personal access to Shelley Baker via email or whatsapp
5. A dedicated secret Facebook Group
6. Worthwhile discounts on existing products, creams, gels, bath soaks etc. 

And right now, you can try it for FREE for 30-days
It's exactly what your body
has been crying out for
10 Great reasons to join the sleep pod

1. Have more energy for fun with family/friends and live the life you want. (Stop saying “I’m too tired”)
2. Feel calm and relaxed, knowing you can cope with whatever the day throws at you
3. Be more productive & less overwhelmed with your work and daily jobs
4. Feel your best and work your best daily
5. Control stress, relax and feel fully recharged every day
6. Avoid the afternoon energy slump without reaching for coffee
7. Have more patience with people around you, whether they are work colleagues, family or children
8. Have better concentration
9. Your muscles will be more relaxed & work better – treat your mind as a muscle
10. Feel happier and be more contented in your life as a whole

Here's how it works...
The Sleep Pod is a monthly membership group that gives you regular audio, video, written content, tools and resources along with a healthy dose of encouragement to correct your sleep and relaxation.

It’s a monthly group because it’s important you have the necessary support. 
I’m here to keep you on track and answer your questions

All you need is a Facebook account as the content is posted in a Secret Group page which you'll have access to once a member of The Sleep Pod. This is the easiest way for you to pick up the content and to know when new content has been posted.

It's only £10.00 per calendar month payable on the date you joined each month.

Want out at any point? No problem. Simply cancel your membership at any time and I'll remove you from the Facebook Group - no questions asked.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • ​High-quality relaxation/sleep content
  • ​Delivered throughout the month via the Facebook Group
  • ​Pay just £10 each month and stop when you want
Plus you get access to me for all your questions 
...and interaction with other Sleep Pod members


So, what happens after 30-days?
Your first payment of £10 will be charged. Then it'll continue on the same date each month until you decide to cancel. There are no minimum terms of membership or contracts to worry about. 
Is there a guarantee?
Of course. If you're not happy with the content I deliver to you [in any given month] in The Sleep Pod, just let me know and I'll refund your monthly payment.
What’s next?
All that remains is for you to begin and stop thinking about it. 

Sleep is the most important aspect of your daily routine [that and eating] so for less than 34p a day you can live a far more fulfilled life. 

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Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
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